Friday, April 6, 2012

Healthy Restaurant Breakfast Ideas

Earlier this week, I wrote a post on fast and healthy breakfasts that you could make at home. But what about when you go out to eat? Navigating the different breakfast options at all the different restaurants can be pretty challenging when trying to stick to a healthy eating plan. Below I'll share some specific healthy options at chain restaurants as well as some more general guidelines for standalone restaurants.

  1. Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal - In my review of this product I wrote that it's major downfall is the price. However, if you have a gift card or coupon it is an easy and light breakfast option. Pairing it was a nice dark roast coffee seems like a great way to start the day to me!
  2. Subway Western Egg White and Cheese English Muffin - This melt is really light on calories, only 160 for the entire sandwich. And it is not the only healthy option at Subway for breakfast, if you explore the website you can try different combinations of the breakfast options until you get one that you like. 
  3. Dunkin' Donuts Egg White and Cheese Wrap - These are also very light in terms of calories, only 150 per wrap. I'd recommend getting two because they are rather small. Or you could get a small coffee drink as long as you are careful about what you order. 
  4. Denny's Fit Slam - This breakfast platter comes with quite a bit of food! Two egg whites with spinach and tomato, turkey bacon, a fresh fruit cup, and an english muffin. All of this comes together for just 390 calories overall. The turkey bacon makes a great substitute for regular because it has about forty percent less fat in it with the entire meal having 12g fat.
  5. Ihop's Simple and Fit Vegetarian Omelete - This breakfast combines mushrooms, tomatoes, and green pepper to make for a tasty omelete that will definitely keep you full until your next meal.
Now that I've thrown out a few specific breakfast options for you, here are some more general ideas of what to order at standalone restaurants.

  1. Eggs and lean protein - Getting a few eggs ordered dry (which means they are not slathered in oil during the cooking process) and a side of turkey bacon, sausage, or chicken sausage is a good option. 
  2. Omeletes - Omeletes can definitely be a pretty good option when out to eat. Just watch your portion sizes as most are easily twice the size of what you would need to eat in one sitting. Also, most are normally served with hash browns and toast. If you choose to eat those make sure to order them without all the oil and butter if possible, and indulge sparingly.
  3. Sides - If you're wary of the breakfast menu try adding sides to something simple like scrambled eggs. Most restaurants offer things like yogurt, oatmeal, and cottage cheese for an additional cost. Adding these already healthy items to something you fear might be a little less healthy can help you get more nutrients in your meal.

What are your go-to restaurant breakfast options?


Anonymous said...

Great post! When out at fast food restaurants I opt for items pretty much in line with what you mention above. I also find it helpful to swap in fruit for hash browns at general breakfast restaurants or egg whites when possible. Rye toast is great for a lower calorie bread option as opposed to say "greek" or "white" toast as well.

David Hong said...

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Anonymous said...

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unknown said...

Thanks for sharing amazing breakfast ideas. I am always looking for low calorie new and healthy breakfast recipes.

Brandon William said...

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